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Vaping products may contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. He nikotīni kei roto i tēnei mea, he matū tino whakawaral.

5 Signs It’s Time to Buy Vape Replacement Coils

5 Signs It’s Time to Buy Vape Replacement Coils

Unfortunately, as a vape user you’ll know that vape coils do not last forever and if you want your vape to work in optimal condition you will need to replace your coil quite regularly. It is very important that you replace your coils on time and not ignore any of the signs! But what are the signs that you need to buy vape replacement coils?

Manufacturer Guidelines

The most important thing to look for when buying a new vape is the manufacturer guidelines regarding the vape replacement coils. There should be an approximation as to how long you should wait before replacing a coil, or how many hours of use each coil should give. Of course these are mostly approximations and you should keep an eye out for some of the other signs that your coils may need to be replaced.

Burnt Taste in Your Mouth

One of the surefire signs that your vape coils may need replacing is if you experience an unusual burnt taste in your mouth. Experienced vape users may become quite familiar with this taste and know that it is an indication of the coil being on its last legs. This taste is quite unpleasant, and it is telling you to change your coil as soon as possible!

In certain cases you may not experience a burnt taste but you may find that your e-juice does not simply taste quite right.


Leaky vapes are really not ideal, and while a leak may be because of other factors, it can be an indication that your vape coil may need replacing. Vapes that leak may cause issues in the workings of the vape.

Gurgling Sound

Hearing a gurgling sound that you are not used to should also be a sure indicator that your coil may need to be replaced soon. The sound usually occurs when you inhale so be sure to listen out for it.

Frequent Vapers

If you are someone that vapes a lot, you need to be on extra high alert as your vape coils may not last very long at all…sometimes less than a week! You may want to keep a few vape coils at home so you can change them when you need to.

Are you looking to buy vape replacement coils in NZ? Here at Vendetta Vape Lounge, we have a wide range of different vape replacement coils available, as well as a wide range of related products.

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