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Vaping products may contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. He nikotīni kei roto i tēnei mea, he matū tino whakawaral.

Vape Mods NZ

Vape Mods NZ

Vaping products may contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance.
He nikotīni kei roto i tēnei mea, he matū tino whakawara.

Do you want to move your vaping experience up to the next level? Our custom vape mods are what you are looking for, with reliable and fast delivery available anywhere in NZ.

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We stock vape mods from leading suppliers and respected brands including:

  • Geekvape
  • Vaporesso
  • IJOY
  • Steamcrave
  • Voopoo

Within each range, there are several options to choose from. This will ensure you get the performance and functionality that you are looking for, as well as a design and style that you like.

At Vendetta Vape Lounge, we only stock high-quality custom vape mods as we know NZ vapers are discerning and knowledgeable.

The average power outputs of the vape mods we have available are in the range of 200W, but we also have mini options that are slightly smaller as well as powerful elite models with power outputs of 300W.

Exclusive Collection of Mods in New Zealand

Buying a new vape couldn’t be easier at Vendetta Vape Lounge. You can visit us in-store or you can buy securely online.

Either way, we’re here if you have any questions or need advice on the best option to choose for your preferences and requirements. Start browsing the best range of custom vape mods in NZ now.

What Are Vape Mods?

The world of vaping can be a bit daunting if you are new to it, but we like to bust through the jargon here at Vendetta Vape Lounge. Here, everyone is welcome.

So, what are vape mods? They are also known as Advanced Personal Vaporizers, or APVs, but that doesn't offer much further explanation either.

In simple terms, they are larger devices than e-cigarettes that typically produce high levels of vapour. They are usually used by more experienced vapers, and it is common to personalise them according to your style and performance preferences.

In other words, vape mods are like enhanced – or modified – vaping devices.

The main differences between vape mods and standard e-cigarettes or vape pens includes the fact they can hold a greater volume of liquid so don't need to be refilled as often, plus they have larger batteries. Their increased size accommodates the larger batteries and greater volume of liquid.

Best vape mods also usually have a more effective heating system that heats the e-liquid.

The question is, should you use a vape mod or stick with the more standard e-cig or vape pen?

Vape mods are more expensive, so that is a consideration. Those who choose vape mods want the enhanced levels of control and performance as it gives them the opportunity to try different settings and experiment.

Why Choose Us?

At Vendetta Vape Lounge, we strive to deliver the best possible products and experience for everyone in the vaping community. From the wide range of e-liquid flavours and options to choose from, to the vaping products and accessories we supply, our team works hard to make sure you get what you need.

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions of us either. We’ll do what we can to make sure you have the best vaping experience.

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